How does it work?

Sunday by Sunday Plus (SbS+) is here to help you organise your church music and musicians. There's an introduction to SbS+

Once you've registered you need to set up your church. You'll need your RSCM key. If you don't have this please contact us. Once you've done this you can start adding music, hymns, people, choir rehearsals and services.

For each piece of music, hymn, person, choir rehearsal or service you can record different information

For a person this includes

  • their name and email

For a piece of music this includes

  • Title
  • Location (where you can find the sheet music)
  • Composer
  • The musicians needed to perform it
  • The number of copies you have
  • The occassions it may be appropriate for
  • Any comments that would be useful
  • Details of where you can find a recording, and who made the recording

For a hymn this includes

  • Title
  • Tune
  • Details of where you can find a recording, and who made the recording
  • The words
  • The author's details
  • Location (where you can find a copy)

All the information is optional except for a person's name, and the titles of the music or hymn

For services this includes

  • Date, start and end times
  • A description of the service (a suggestion is made based on the lectionary)
  • People, music and hymns drawn from the people, music and hymns you've put into SbS+
  • Whether or not the details of the service have been finalised

For choir rehearsals this includes

  • Date, start and end time
  • A description and comments
  • People drawn from the details of the people you've put into SbS+

You can invite people in your church to join SbS+. If they do they'll be able to see (but not change) details of services, rehearsals, music, hymns and other people. You can make other people administrators which'll allow them to add information as well as read it.

The homepage gives anyone who's logged in to your church an overview of the upcoming services and rehearsals. You can download a summary of all the information for any service, including

  • The music needed and the order it's needed
  • Hymn words
  • Attributions of composers and authors

If you've got any ideas for improvements please feel free to contact us